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As the season approaches, many people start subletting their properties, Airbnb style. And not only during the hot season, but London is also the European centre for tourists. Holidays, business purposes or just short trips. With the end of the pandemic around the corner, the next big events will start rolling around. And Airbnb cleaning is always necessary. Between short tenancies, landlords must take care of their properties and prepare everything for their newly-coming guests. What better than booking a Holiday Rental cleaning with SW Clean? Now available as Premium Service!

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Holiday Rental Cleaning

Quality We Ensure

Our key is in the individual approach and paying careful attention to any requests and ideas that you provide. Our platform is driven by a dedication to small and large-scale customers and businesses who benefit from our services.

Experienced Cleaners

The cleaning specialists we work with are fully trained to bring your property up to hotel standards. Experience has taught us that there are no requirements that can’t be met. One only needs the right knowledge and tools to achieve desired results.

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Your Holiday Rental Cleaning solutions

No matter how good the location, layout and cosiness of your short-term rental property are, an owner or manager is naturally likely to rent out the property that looks clean, shiny and taken care of. Rental properties or accommodation will attract more and better tenants, increasing the property’s social rating; therefore, your rental business will start flowing.

We have a wide South-West London coverage, and we work with many short-term letting agencies, which we prefer to offer fixed prices. Combined with our professional CRM, we’ll keep you updated on any single visit by providing you with whatever you need. From constant reminders to sending detailed photos and available stock consumables – we’ve got you covered!

Rest assured, many of our cleaning experts are fully trained to prepare your property for the next guests on 5 stars hotel standards. You don’t even need to be there. Just give us access, and we’ll do everything for you. Our Professionals provide superior service by maintaining a clean and sparkling environment.

Airbnb cleaning tailor-made solutions

Because every landlord is accommodating diferent guests and every property has different needs depending on the ocasion, we firmly believe that highest results are only achievable with personalised approaches. This is why we only offer custom-made solutions for different properties with individualy-tailored prices.

  • Cleaning and maintaining flats/apartments and houses
  • Cleaning Airbnb flats and similar short-let accommodations
  • Complete care of holiday homes
  • Personal approach for private landlords
  • Initial property inspection by our representatives
  • Customer-made bookings as per requirements
  • Constant updates of stock materials and property condition
  • Before/After photos of every room
sw clean airbnb cleaning service
sw clean premium service holiday rental cleaning

Premium Service for business customers

  • Initial inspection of every property by our representatives
  • Custom-tailored quotes for each property based on size and requirements
  • Fixed priced solutions
  • Reports of properties’ condition after every guest check-out
  • Updates on stock materials and consumables
  • Short-Let linen hire, delivery, and wash by 3rd party company guided by us
  • Before/After photos updates on each visit
  • Fully insured and trained Professionals
  • Discounts on cross-services such as Carpet & Upholstery cleaning / Kitchen Appliances deep cleaning
  • Free Antiviral Sanitisation on every visit


With the virus outbreak hitting in, many people ended their hotel room accommodations alternatives when travelling abroad. To ensure your guests’ safety, we offer full antiviral sanitisation service of rental properties by certified technicians using EN approved detergents.

What other clients say
Merry Johson
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Awesome cleaning experience with the SW Team.
Sean Fallon
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I'm verry happy with Natalie and Joana for keeping my properties neat and tidy. Would definitelly recommend!
Shlomi Hiksiyahu
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Had End of Tenancy with these guys at my 2 North London properties. They have done an excellent job.

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