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Professional Home Cleaning experience you will never forget. Experienced local cleaners. Premium Service on another level. Quality domestic cleaning that takes care of your property so you don’t have to. SW Clean is a cleaning company in the palm of your hand.

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Forget about scrubbing grease, dusting surfaces or wiping sills. This is essentially a room-by-room professional house cleaning, done by experienced cleaners. Depending on your preferences we can cover either your entire property on just a focus on specific area or room. The domestic cleaning service includes all possible household chores and general cleaning tasks. Available to book in various regular plans or either as one-off visits without binding contracts.

For complete comfort, we’ve added the House Cleaning service to our Premium Service portfolio. Individual and personal custom-tailored solutions. Make sure to use the Premium Service booking form or get in contact with our quality control team for more info.

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Quality We Ensure

We are entirely committed to offering every customer the best possible solutions. Always meeting the issued requirements by maintaining unprecedented top quality standards.

Experience we've got

Predetermining the details will guarantee you a superb experience. You will not to worry about how long our cleaners have spent getting your home clean and shiny.

Premium Service

Premium Service on another level

Forget about anything home-maintenance related and leave it to the professionals in your area. Our Premium Service guarantee includes everything necessary to take the cleaning burden off your shoulds. With custom-tailored cleaning checklist specifically designed to fit the needs and requirements to maintain your home correctly. 

Terms & Conditions apply. Currently available only in South-West London area.

Your Home cleaning checklist

The home cleaning service provided by the SW Clean’s experts will be performed exactly as written on this page. Our local Professionals follow individually-tailored checklists for every room as per the Service Instructions listed below. You will also find a detailed description of every task that will be completed. Extra add-on tasks that you may request when making a booking with us are also listed below.

  • Doing the laundry;
  • Washing the dishes / Loading the dishwasher;
  • Wiping all kitchen appliances and underneath them;
  • Cleaning the microwave;
  • Removing cobwebs;
  • Polishing countertops and tiled walls;
  • Tidying and wiping the dinner table and chairs;
  • Cleaning Fridge (exterior);
  • Wiping Oven (exterior);
  • Degreasing hobs (as much as possible);
  • Wiping Cupboards (exterior);
  • Cleaning doors/door hinges/light switches;
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors;
  • Taking out the trash.
  • Cleaning the toilet bowl, behind and underneath it;
  • Descaling the bathtub/shower room;
  • Polishing the tiles and cleaning the fugues;
  • Descaling all taps and cleaning the sink;
  • Polishing of all accessible surfaces;
  • Wiping doors, including door hinges/light switches;
  • Thorough cleaning of the siphons;
  • Cleaning any cupboards exterior;
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floor.
  • Removing cobwebs;
  • Dusting and polishing all surfaces;
  • Decluttering and tidying up;
  • Changing the bedsheets;
  • Fluffing pillows;
  • Making the beds;
  • Hoovering, as well as mopping the floors.
  • Removing cobwebs;
  • Dusting all accessible surfaces;
  • Tidying up and organising things;
  • Fluffing the sofa cushions;
  • Wiping door frames/door handles/light switches;
  • Moving furniture items and cleaning beneath them;
  • Cleaning skirting boards;
  • Reordering items around the room (if necessary);
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors.
  • Dusting surfaces;
  • Scrubbing and wiping skirting boards;
  • Tidying up;
  • Wiping the front door and around it;
  • Wiping door handles/light switches/often-touchable spots;
  • Hoovering and Mopping.
  • Cleaning the toilet bowl, behind and beneath it;
  • Wiping any accessible surfaces;
  • Cleaning, disinfecting, and polishing the sink;
  • Descaling taps and other metal surfaces;
  • Polishing mirrors and glass fixtures;
  • Cleaning cupboards exterior (if any);
  • Wiping the doors/door handles/light switches;
  • Vacuuming and mopping floors.
domestic cleaning

Domestic cleaning excellence

All  corners and item one uses on a daily basis has different necessities in regards to hygiene. The cleaners will perform cleaning tasks in your property during every standard House Cleaning session. Whether you have booked a regular or one-off appointment checklists will be completed. If you have additional preferences, ask us in the booking form under section “Extra Requirements”.

Extra home cleaning add-ons

Of course, everyone can be supplied with any domestic-purpose detergents. But few know that these cheap supermarket chemicals are far from effective enough to take care of most visible dirt and grime. Not to mention any invisible such. This is why, in cooperation with leading U.K suppliers, we offer you professional solutions that we guarantee will lead to achieving very high standards. From Glass & Mirror to Multi-Surface polisher and Heavy Limescale Remover. We will bring the best of the best to handle any area you give us.

Quite often, especially at the beginning of autumn, our gardens are full of leaves. And not only then. A nice sweep will brighten up your garden’s look and will allow it to flourish. The Professionals will bring their own special bags; you only have to supply them with a broom. The trash will be taken care of by us.

With a mix of a professional multi-surface cleaner and a bucket of warm water, the service experts will clean your balcony/terrace up to the maximum possible standard. Since we usually clean from top-to-bottom as well as inside-out, every inch will be refreshed. Treat your balcony/terrace with a whole new look.

If you have filled this room with unnecessary stuff or want to get things in order, this is your ideal service. Clutter is bad for you and for your mental health. So let us Declutter. This service can be booked both separately or as add-on, together with a House Cleaning. Make sure to let us know more about this in the “Extra Priorities” section.

If you forgot to buy something from the grocery store, essential to your booking or are just feeling lazy to go there, you can always provide us with a shopping list and a favorite store. Hence, the service expert will bring everything to you on her/his way to your property.

SW Clean professional home cleaning service
local cleaners

Local Cleaners

SW Clean is a home cleaning service platform and as such, we work with local cleaners only. For that reason, we have developed a wide network of service providers in many property-maintenance services. This allows us to offer fast availability and wide coverage throughout London. All service professionals are fully trained and insured by company-approved sources. Every cleaner is fully background checked and vetted. We collect and track performance data only to improve our service experience. Instructed and trained as per company-approved quality standards and techniques, the local professionals of SW Clean follow strict rules for provision of quality home cleaning services.

What we can't guarantee

  • Professionals can’t remove mould!. We can try, but in 70% of the cases, it is almost impossible to achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, we prefer not to guarantee its removal as it usually requires other tradesmen’s expertise.
  • Cleaners will not clean high-to-reach places. In absolutely no way, should the cleaner be asked to climb higher than the 3rd step of a domestic ladder. All service providers are instructed not to do so if a customer requests.
  • We won’t feed your pet. The Professionals will not give food to your pets! We can only pour them some water.
  • Unfortunately, we can’t cook. We are not chefs, so we cannot complete requests like cooking, cutting vegetables, or anything food-related!
  • We do not take care of children or elderly people. We will only take care of property-related tasks described in the above-mentioned checklists. We are not authorized nor knowledgeable enough to take care of people.
  • Cleaners are not supplied with bleach-containing detergents. If you want us to use such, you must provide us with such. As well as give us consent to use them

Accessing your property

You can always trust us with access to your property if you are unable to open the door for the cleaner. Or if you are absent from the city, for example. Allowing us access can happen in one of the following ways:

  • Provide us with a set of spare keys for future use (if regular customer)
  • Hide your keys somewhere safe and give us detailed instructions
  • Place your keys in a secured lockbox and provide us with an access code
  • Leave your keys with the neighbours, and we’ll make sure to knock on their door first.
  • Ask us to get your keys from a concierge. Please note that absolutely every concierge must be told in writing that he is allowed to pass your keys to the expected cleaner. 
What our clients say
Jonatan Spikes
Jonatan Spikes
Read More
After going all around several cleaning companies I have found SW Clean to be the most reliable and professional one in terms of price-quality ratio.
Larisa Sams
Larisa Sams
Read More
I had a move-out cleaning with Nelly and Teressa who did a wonderful job with my property.
John Doe
John Doe
Read More
Extremely happy with the carpet and window cleaning by Peter. Would definitely recommended again

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