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The office cleaning is necessary for every business that wants to give an excellent first impression for customers and visitors. The hygiene and cleanliness enhance the staff’s physical and emotional wellbeing, as studies have proven. Our local cleaning experts will be able to provide you with a COVID-Secure workspace and excellent office cleaning service to ensure customers and staff’s safety. 

Availability we provide

We will always comply with your working time, and we will make sure to provide you with the availability of your requests. As most of our customers prefer to have their cleanings before or after the company's working time, we ensure to provide our clients with this availability.

Why choose us?

Our custom-tailored cleaning contracts suit your specific requirements. They will support and adapt ongoing to comply with any safe working practices you will need to implement during this ever-changing period.

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10 Years of office cleaning experience

The highest quality cleaning services usually can be attributed mainly to key factors like Staff, Training and Flexibility. We are sure that our focus on choosing the most dedicated and efficient people, providing top quality training in all areas of cleaning and hygiene and offering our clients a bespoke service have contributed to the successful provision of office cleaning services.

Service Information

  • Price :Request a Quote
  • Cleaning Hours :2-8 hours
  • Number of Cleaners :1-4 cleaner/s
  • Visiting Hours :07:00 AM - 10:00 PM
  • Contact :+447440361160
  • E-mail :info@swclean.co.uk
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Frequently Ask Questions

We are fully aware that every commercial premisses have different and specific requirements in order to be properly and hygienly maintained, especially in times of global pandemic. This is why do not hesitate to contact us by phone or email with your specific requests so our quality control teams can make you an offer based on your needs and situation by tailoring you a custom checklist that you will love. Nevertheless, below we've pointed out some questions that may come up in your mind before making a request with us.

Most of our cleaning experts prefer to use a small range of cleaning materials that they believe contribute to the awesome and sparkling results we usually promise. Although many customers choose to supply us with their own chemicals, we would always recommend to let this choice to us.

The cleaning service providers are also able to bring&leave cleaning equipment such as professional hoovers and mops for them to use in your office premises. We are not very picky in the choice here. Still, if you could supply the cleaners with the minimum quality standard of equipment, we can guarantee perfect results. Keep in mind that we are also able to provide you with the machinery at an extra cost.

Most commercial customers prefer to have a cleaning done before or after the company’s working hours. This is why we will always comply with your requests by offering slots in the early mornings or late afternoons/evenings. Just ask us while making a request.

Before making any booking, we may request an initial visit with a supervisor to inspect your office. Due to the global pandemic, if we see fit, we may deal with this remotely by asking you to provide us with photos, a working schedule and detailed requirements.
We believe an initial preparation is of high importance to the quality of the service. As much as our quality control team and your cleaners are familiar with what needs to be done, where and how, before the service, the better the quality we will guarantee.

In terms of recent events with COVID-19 in the United Kingdom, we now offer antiviral sanitisation solutions to our commercial customers. This service aims to sanitise and disinfect all surfaces in your office premises that your employees and staff often use.

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