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If you require deep cleaning in London, we are here for you. Our deep cleaning service is designed to return your space to its former glory, and we are proud to maintain the highest standards when it comes to cleanliness and hygiene. Why not take a closer look at the service today if you’re in need of thorough home cleaning?

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Deep Cleaning

Why you need this?

Every property needs a refreshing every once in a while. And the Deep Cleaning service is the perfect choice for such ocasions. No matter if speak of Spring Cleaning or just another fresh look.

Why choose us?

With professional quality control team behind our backs, we are confident enough to create the perfect individual checklist solutions for each and every property, based on needs and requirements.

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Deep Cleaning for Everyone

Homes and business premises can become very dirty and unhygienic over time even if you carry out various cleaning tasks on a daily basis. Deep cleans allow you to attend to those difficult-to-reach places that can become very dirty over the course of a few months. Many people don’t have the time, experience or resources needed to carry out a full deep clean. This kind of cleaning can be very exhausting and time-consuming for many people, which is why so many customers are asking us to step in and carry out the work to the highest standard.

Deep cleaning service solution

We want to lead the way when it comes to deep cleaning in London. What’s more is that we offer one of the most competitive deep home cleaning prices in the capital. The service comes at  hourly-based prices, and the minimum call-out duration is only 4 hours. This is due to the fact that we will need several hours to return your environment to a pristinely clean and hygienic state. We can either provide you with the services of a team or a single cleaner but most of the time this is subject to availability.

Our deep cleaning service includes fridge cleaning, cupboard cleaning, internal window cleaning and balcony cleaning. You don’t need to provide us with anything to get the job done as we will bring our own professional equipment and detergents to your home or business premises. We offer a bespoke approach, tailoring each booking towards your specific requirements. We can help whether you need deep cleaning for specific rooms or an entire property. Although we cannot guarantee mould removal or the cleaning of particularly high-to-reach environments, we endeavour to try our very best to meet your needs. The service is available to be booked online. Our coverage extend to almost entire London within the M25 zone.

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Extra deep cleaning add-ons

Of course, everyone can be supplied with any domestic-purpose detergents. But few know that these cheap supermarket chemicals are far from effective enough to take care of most visible dirt and grime. Not to mention any invisible such. This is why, in cooperation with leading U.K suppliers, we offer you professional solutions that we guarantee will lead to achieving very high standards. From Glass & Mirror to Multi-Surface polisher and Heavy Limescale Remover. We will bring the best of the best to handle any area you give us.

Quite often, especially at the beginning of autumn, our gardens are full of leaves. And not only then. A nice sweep will brighten up your garden’s look and will allow it to flourish. The Professionals will bring their own special bags; you only have to supply them with a broom. The trash will be taken care of by us.

With a mix of a professional multi-surface cleaner and a bucket of warm water, the service experts will clean your balcony/terrace up to the maximum possible standard. Since we usually clean from top-to-bottom as well as inside-out, every inch will be refreshed. Treat your balcony/terrace with a whole new look.

If you have filled this room with unnecessary stuff or want to get things in order, this is your ideal service. Clutter is bad for you and for your mental health. So let us Declutter. This service can be booked both separately or as add-on, together with a House Cleaning. Make sure to let us know more about this in the “Extra Priorities” section.

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This service gives you a chance to declutter and create a healthier, and happier environment. It can protect you and everyone else in your property, boost air quality, remove vast amounts of built-up dirt from your space and breathe new life into your personal space.

We are ready to hear from you right now if you’ve been looking for a reliable deep cleaning service in London. We have many repeat clients and can provide a flawless service. You can reach us today by completing the online request form, by giving us a call or by sending us an email. If you’re looking for highly effective London deep cleaning services that you can afford, we are the team for you. Book your clean today.


What we can't guarantee

  • Professionals can’t remove mould!. We can try, but in 70% of the cases, it is almost impossible to achieve satisfactory results. Therefore, we prefer not to guarantee its removal as it usually requires other tradesmen’s expertise.
  • Cleaners will not clean high-to-reach places. In absolutely no way, should the cleaner be asked to climb higher than the 3rd step of a domestic ladder. All service providers are instructed not to do so if a customer requests.
  • We won’t feed your pet. The Professionals will not give food to your pets! We can only pour them some water.
  • Unfortunately, we can’t cook. We are not chefs, so we cannot complete requests like cooking, cutting vegetables, or anything food-related!
  • We do not take care of children or elderly people. We will only take care of property-related tasks described in the above-mentioned checklists. We are not authorized nor knowledgeable enough to take care of people.
  • Cleaners are not supplied with bleach-containing detergents. If you want us to use such, you must provide us with such. As well as give us consent to use them

Accessing your property

You can always trust us with access to your property if you are unable to open the door for the cleaner. Or if you are absent from the city, for example. Allowing us access can happen in one of the following ways:

  • Provide us with a set of spare keys for future use (if regular customer)
  • Hide your keys somewhere safe and give us detailed instructions
  • Place your keys in a secured lockbox and provide us with an access code
  • Leave your keys with the neighbours, and we’ll make sure to knock on their door first.
  • Ask us to get your keys from a concierge. Please note that absolutely every concierge must be told in writing that he is allowed to pass your keys to an expected guest. 
What our clients say
Jonatan Spikes
Jonatan Spikes
Read More
After going all around several cleaning companies I have found SW Clean to be the most reliable and professional one in terms of price-quality ratio.
Larisa Sams
Larisa Sams
Read More
I had a move-out cleaning with Nelly and Teressa who did a wonderful job with my property.
John Doe
John Doe
Read More
Extremely happy with the carpet and window cleaning by Peter. Would definitely recommended again

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