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Greasy oven? Cooker heating slower than ever? Food doesn’t smell the same? Book your professional oven cleaning service with SW Clean. Request a Premium Service and receive years of experience in a single booking throughout Chelsea, SW & Central London. Oven cleaning Chelsea company into the palm of your hand.

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cleaning service in Chelsea

Single Oven

£ 59
  • 1 oven door
  • up to 60 cm

Double Oven

£ 71
  • 2 oven doors
  • up to 70 cm

Range Cooker

£ 94
  • 2+1 oven doors
  • up to 110 cm

AGA Oven

£ 99
  • 4 oven doors
  • up to 150 cm

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Oven cleaning Chelsea by experts

Your oven is one of your best friends in the kitchen. However, crumbs, splatters and spills can make it look like an old friend that’s not getting any cleaner. To keep it looking brand new, one would need to use harsh chemicals at least once a week to clean off the buildup using harsh stains removers.But now there’s a better way! You can have your oven cleaned professionally without all these nasty stuff. Our oven cleaning Chelsea technicians are highly trained professionals who will not only scrub away all those stains, but will also make sure everything keeps gleaming for many years to come.

young woman wiping surface and oven cleaning

Get the full oven cleaning Chelsea experience with Premium Service quality

Oven cleaning company with significant amount of experience behind our back, not only with ovens but all other domestic appliances. We believe quality is achieved not only by using top-notch products but also with professionalism earned throughout the years. 
Get Premium Service for priority slots and maximum quality.

This service not only aims to extend the lifespan of your oven/cooker but to also make your Sunday roast taste much better.

Oven Cleaning Chelsea Checklist

  • Inspection of the oven and ensuring all components are working.
  • Protecting the area around the area where the technician will perform the service
  • Dismantling all removable parts and soaking them into a dip tank degreasing solution
  • Scrapping of all greasy leftovers from the inside
  • Scrubbing the oven with soap-based products
  • Cleaning the oven door with special glass detergent
  • Wiping thorough all residue, ensuring that all the dirt has been removed
  • Assembling all parts back to the oven
  • Turning the grill on to burn off any carbon that may be left on the elements
oven cleaning before and after
oven cleaning company

What we can't guarantee

  • We cannot guarantee the removal of hard grease and rust.
  • We can’t guarantee the removal of any mould.
  • Cleaning technicians reserve the full right to refuse service of appliances in non-working conditions prior to starting the service. If cleaning is still requested despite all this, we must not be held liable in any way.
  • We will clean a tray for every single oven, 2 trays for a double oven, etc. Every other tray is chargeable as per SW Clean’s price list.
  • Oven cleaning technicians can’t guarantee cleaning in-between double-glazed oven doors where the disassembling process is reasonably complicated and where it must be performed by a specialists technician.
What customers say
Shaila Larson
Shaila Larson
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I'm very very happy with my regular cleaner Eva. She is friendly, trustworthy and professional.
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I have been with SW Clean for an year now and I'm happy with all services we've booked. Thank you SW!
Garry Leeson
Garry Leeson
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Had an upholstery cleaning with George who was very professional. Would definitely use them again!!!
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