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Did you know that the daily use of home furniture leads to a constant accumulation of dirt and dust deep into the fabric? Upholstered furniture gives a nice and cosy appearance to your place. The layout, colour, and shape of the armchairs, the stools and the sofa are hallmarks of your home. They are so unique you could even say they’re your home’s “domestic fingerprints”. 
To ensure their deep-fabric cleanliness and upholstered lifespan, you surely need to book a professional upholstery cleaning service. SW Clean offers a wide portfolio of furniture cleaning like sofa cleaning, mattress cleaning, armchair cleaning and many others.

Quality We Ensure

The guarantee we give our customer is entirely up to reasonable skill and care. We promise to put in the most effort we can to bring satisfactory results. We use only professional equipment and quality cleaning solutions from top UK suppliers.

How we'll do it?

The cleaning process we use will guarantee you the best possible methods attempted for dealing with any stains. We also ensure that any bacteria, dust, grime and dirt will be removed from the fabric of your upholstery.

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Experience expert upholstery cleaning service provided by local cleaners

The professional machines, highest quality chemicals and experience behind the service bring the utmost from our background to your furniture to ensure the highest standards have been reached to the most satisfactory results.

The Upholstery cleaning checklist

  • Thorough inspection and determination of the degree of contamination and type of fabric
  • Choosing the most effective approach by picking a relevant detergent
  • Vacuuming the upholstery to remove any present dust and hair
  • Treatment of stains with professional-grade, non-hazardous products
  • Pre-spraying of the area and agitation of the solution to cover every inch of the upholstery
  • Performing of hot-water extraction using the powerful suction of professional cleaning machines

What we can't guarantee

  • Moudly spots cannot be removed in 70% of the times, so please do not book an upholstery cleaning with high expectations.
  • Old marks are treated the same way as usual marks. But in most of the times if the stains are too old, they have gotten too deap into the fabric and their removal is almost never sucesfull. If the uphosltery is in brighter colour, the service may help to match the treated area in colour but may not fully remove it.
  • Blood marks older than a week may never get out.
  • We reserve our right to refuse treatment of carpets due to possible damages or possible discolouration of the hairs fabric. If such event occurs, we will refund you the paid amount in full.
  • We cannot guarantee the removal of any sort of stain. We only guarantee the best possible efforts have been made to remove those stains. Every upholstered material, it’s usage and, respectively, a stain is different. It always depends on how deep the fabric is. The carpet cleaning technician will advise you on their opinion prior to the service and it will be up to you to decide if you would like to proceed.
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For a smooth service...

  • The customer is solely responsible for arranging a parking space for our technicians within the time frame booked with us. If such space is not organised and we cannot find one ourselves, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 20% of the total booking price, which goes to the Professional as compensation for the job loss. We accept Visitors Permits and Private Parking spaces. If Pay and Display parking are our only options, you will be charged for the amount our car has occupied the parking space. Note that in every borough, prices vary; we cannot initially advise you of the parking total.
  • For the service to be completed at the highest possible standard, our technicians must be given access to hot water.
  • Although our machines remove 99% of the mixture of detergents and water, there is still 1% moisture left in the fabrics. Depending on the indoor temperature, usually, the drying out takes up to 4 hours. Usually, our operatives advise leaving your windows open for faster results. If a carpet takes longer than usual to be dried, we recommend not to step on it until it is fully dry, as this would slow down the process.

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