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An extensive experience and in-depth knowlege for proven cleaning methods have helped us create our own appliance cleaning system that provides safe and efficient method of cleaning any domestic appliance. 

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Why you need this?

Appliance hygiene is just as important as everything else in your home. Repeated use causes bacteria growth which needs prevention with a professional appliance cleaning sevrice.

Why choose us?

We use proven methods and highest-quality professional cleaning materials to get the job done. Request your appliance cleaning service online and see the results for yourself.

Fridge / Freezer cleaning

£ 24
  • up to 2 door fridge
  • freezer included

Washing machine cleaning

£ 21
  • 10 kg capacity
  • up to 2 filters

Dishwasher machine cleaning

£ 21
  • Built-in types
  • Portables

Tumble Dryer cleaning

£ 21
  • up to 9 kg capacity
  • Sensor dryer

Domestic Microwave cleaning

£ 17
  • up to 30 litres
  • Enamel Coating
sw clean hobs cleaning
sw clean extractor fan cleaning service

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The appliance cleaning Camden service you need

Take a look at your kitchen – are all of your appliances absolutely clean and bacteria-free? Every small appliance has some control panel or handle touched every single time it has been used, leaving body soil and germs…

And what about what is happening inside these appliances where food or beverages are stored and processed? All of these organisms can cause digestive upset, shorten the appliance’s lifespan, damage it, or even worse.

The service not only aims to extend the lifespan of you appliances but to prevent hard accumulation of stubborn stains from grease and/or food splashes.

Our appliance cleaning service providers in Camden are equipped and knowledgable enough to take care of all available brands and models of domestic appliances.

sw clean oven cleaning and hobs
man cleaner spraying and cleaning a fridge

For a smooth appliance cleaning Camden service...

For the purpose of the provision of a quality and smooth service we always advise our customers to keep in my the following:

  • Provide your cleaner with a parking space. If you can either give him/her a Visitors Permit card or keep a free Pay & Display parking spot from your house. 
  • Make sure to give enough space for the cleaner to perform the service. 
  • If your booking includes a fridge/freezer cleaning make sure to defrost the appliance at least 6 hours before the appointment time. The cleaner will be forced to cancel your service if not defrosted as he won’t be able to clean it up to a high standard.
  • If your booking includes fridge cleaning, make sure to remove all your food items from the inside. In light of the current events, we avoid touching your food due to safety and hygiene measures.
  • If your booking includes oven cleaning, make sure that you haven’t used your appliance at least 2 hours before the appointment time. If your oven is still hot or even warm, the cleaner will not be able to perform the service. Same applies to your hobs.

What we cannot promise

For the avoidance of any doubt we would like to specify what you should not expect from our Service Providers and what they will not able to do in case you would like to book any of our service for this specific requirements

  • We DO NOT remove mould. For example, washing machines, build-up a lot of mould from the inside of the rubber sealing if not maintained properly. Our Service Providers and our Service Procedures are not able to remove any mould as part of the kitchen appliance cleaning Camden service.
  • We DO NOT clean frosted appliances. Since we always strive to improve, we cannot guarantee any quality of cleaning of an appliances that has been frosted and/or food items are still present inside.
sw clean washing machine cleaning service
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