The importance of having Antiviral Sanitisation Service

antiviral sanitisation

Antiviral Sanitisation is a great way to keep your home free of viruses. Not only will it keep you healthy, but it will also keep the surfaces in your home cleaner for more extended periods of time.

Sanitising can be done with either bleach or alcohol. Soap and water should always be used first–even if you use bleach or alcohol as part of your routine. Bleach and alcohol are powerful substances that should not be used carelessly because they can cause damage to particular household objects, such as leather and some finishes.

But these steps are not going to benefit you the all-in professional way. In times of a pandemic, we would always recommend booking the Antiviral Sanitisation Service with a professional who has the right certified solutions to disinfect your property the right way.

The importance of Antiviral Sanitisation​

Once, we had a client who was with COVID. We were instructed to use specific chemicals to sanitise the entire house. To our surprise, we discovered that his house had not been thoroughly cleaned in years. We had to clean each floor, from the basement to the attic since a sanitisation service would be useless if at least the surfaces were not dusted.  And when it came time to clean the ceiling, we simply had to do it by hand. In other words, the customer was willing to go the extra mile and have every corner, notch and surface cleaned before getting the antiviral sanitisation. Using certified chemicals we then proceeded with the agitation of the solution everywhere possible.

The process that we followed is the same process that is used by professionals. Some of the things that we typically do are: Clean absolutely everything inside of the house. This includes the windows, the doors, the outside door handles, the garage, and all of the screens on all the windows and sliding doors, including every single item and object being carefully wiped with a dry cloth and a polisher.

What are the benefits of Sanitisation Service? ​

• Works well with the disinfecting process for your HVAC
• Can be done quickly if you had a thorough cleaning beforehand;
• Done by a single professional;
• Prevents the spread of influenza, colds, and other contagious diseases, including COVID-19;
• Can be done well with a fogging machine for maximum results, but this would make your place inhabitable for a few hours;
• Will cost you much less time than having to do it by yourself.

If you are tired of missing out on social events because you are worried about keeping your home virus-free, then you might want to take the proper steps to sanitise your home by booking a service with us. 

It will not cost you a lot of money to make sure that your home is virus-free.
Simple because this service is entirely individual for every property and is simply property-layout based, we haven’t put a booking section; therefore, we require an individual request by phone or email where a representative of ours will need to obtain important information for you and your home.

DIY Desinfection

antiviral sanitisation

Before you try any of the home remedies mentioned above, you should try and have a look at a home solution that is very simple. It’s almost going to work. By now, you know the drill.
Dettol’s surface cleaner is lab tested to kill 99.9% of bacteria and germs on surfaces, it’s cheap and commercially accessible in most Tesco’s and Asda. Found it on Amazon for 2 quids, actually. It will do the work if you want to go the cheaper way.

Focus on the doorknobs, door handles, keyboards, computer tower, keyboard tray, toilet seat.
Do not forget to wipe the light switches, tv remotes, the sink and around it. Do not use on plates, cutlery, etc., as the solution is not food-safe. Focus on often touchable objects and items.

The health of you and your family depends on it.

At SW Clean, we’re always on the lookout for the latest health and wellness innovations. We’ve teamed up with many reputable companies to bring you our latest wellness and health methods to keep our customers’ places safe.

Why do you need a professional Antiviral Sanitisation Service

Apart from just wiping and scrubbing areas of your home, there are two other aspects of the disinfection process that need to be considered. In order to get rid of any virus entirely: the chlorine content of the chemicals and the size of the room.

For the disinfection to be efficient, the necessary levels of chlorine must be used. The chlorine level should be at least 5.0 milligrams per litre (mg/L). For maximum disinfection, the chlorine concentration should be at least 10 mg/L.

Room size, however, is also important to consider for knowing how many solutions you will need to prepare. Simple microfiber cloths will not do the work as their designed to absorb, nut agitate. All this is too much to consider for doing antiviral sanitisation. This is why we are here to do the work for you. It would be best if you had a professional opinion because: An experienced cleaner has “the right eye” on where to touch. We are using BS EN 1276 Certified Europe standard antiviral. Our team will carefully calculate the aspect ratio dilution that is needed for your property, ensuring that we will not “overdose” your surfaces with chemicals.

Antiviral Sanitisation can help you to sanitize your home for a long time. For example, you can go through the routine once a month for that virus-free home

Do you think you need Antiviral Sanitisation?