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As the weather warms and people head outdoors, it is important that we don’t lose sight of what needs to be done inside. Even if your carpets appear clean or you’ve managed to spot-treat certain stains, so they are no longer visible on your sofa, you can still benefit from a professional carpet cleaning. Having your carpets washed is the best way to ensure their cleanliness, hygiene, and capability of withstanding years of wear. There are numerous reasons to book this service, and if any of the following apply, it’s time to take a closer look at your floors.

Quality We Ensure

The carpet cleaners we work with perform a hot-water extraction service. This is done by a professional carpet machine and the highest quality chemicals for such solutions. 

How we do it

The procedures used by almost every carpet cleaning company globally is proven to be the most efficient and reliable method for thoroughly cleaning your carpets.

Just like everybody, you enjoy sitting on your couch in the living room after a long day at work and with a drink in your hand while watching the news, a favourite TV series, or just talking to your loved ones. But did you know that the daily use of home furniture and carpets leads to a constant accumulation of dirt and dust? Carpets give a nice and cosy appearance to your place. The layout, colour, and shape of the armchairs, the stools and the sofa are hallmarks of your home. They are so unique you could even say they’re your home’s ‘domestic fingerprints’. To ensure that such an essential part of your home is always clean, with vibrant colours and a fresh aroma, you will need Carpet Cleaning.

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Professionalism in Carpet Cleaning

The cleaning process we use will guarantee you the best possible methods were used to deal with the stains. We also guarantee that any bacteria, dust, grime and dirt will be removed from the fabric of your upholstery. The carpet cleaners of SW Clean use chemicals of the highest quality standards that ensure more than satisfactory results.


Did you know that hot-water extraction can protect indoor air quality? Carpets trap airborne pollutants… However, eventually, our technicians must remove those pollutants to protect the carpet and maintain the quality of the air inside. Our professional cleaning also prevents the buildup of allergens and bacteria. Moist soiling of carpets can result in the buildup of several unhealthy contaminants. There are statistics out there that even say carpet cleaning in commercial buildings can also improve worker morale. And it makes sense… Everybody feels better about their work environment when it is clean..including the carpets.

Frequently Ask Questions

  • Vacuuming the carpeted area thoroughly to remove the first layer of dust and dirt
  • Inspecting the carpet material and choosing the relevant cleaning solution that will be used in combination with warm water
  • Individually treating every spot by investigating its origins and picking a suitable treatment detergent
  • Spraying the carpet with a specialized Pre-Spray detergent
  • Agitation of the solution to cover every inch of the carpet. This will contribute to the fibers opening up and allow easier accessing of the initially prepared solution
  • Using a wand handle attachment and the powerful suction of the machine, the hot-water extraction is performed in different parts of the carpet
  • Overlapping the process if necessary and mandatory for high-traffic areas

As in life, unfortunatelly, there are things that can’t be prevent or avoided. Same with the carpet cleaning. To avoid any kind of customer disatisfcation, we would like to point out several scenarios where we cannot promise the highest possible results:

  • We cannot guarantee the removal of any sort of stain. We only guarantee the best possible efforts have been made to remove those stains. Every carpet material, usage and respectively, stain, is different and it always depends on how deep into the fabric it is.
  • We reserve the right to refuse treatment of carpets due to possible damages or discolourizations of the hairs fabric.
  • Although our machines remove 99% of the mixture of deterngs and water , there is still 1% moisture left into the fabrics. Depending on the indoor dempetarute, usually, the drying out takes up to 4 hours. Usually, our operativies advise leaving your windows open for faster results. If a carpet takes longer than usual to be dried, we advise not to step on it until it is fully dry as this would slow down the proccess.
  • For the service to be completed at the highest possible standard, our technicians must be given access to hot water.
  • The customer is solely responsible for arranging a parking space for our technicians within the time frame booked with us. If such space is not arranged and we cannot find one ourselves, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 20% of the booking total price, which goes to the Professional as compensation for the job loss. We accept Visitors Permits and Private Parking spaces. If Pay and Display parking are our only options, you will be charged for the amount our car has occupied the parking space. Note that in every borough, prices vary; we cannot initially advise you of the parking total.

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